Broomy Furlong Farm, Woodville Road, Hartshorne, Swadlincote, DE11 7EY
Broomy Furlong Farm, Woodville Road, DE11 7EY
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What We Do

Water Mains & Services

Hydro being a WIRS accredited company can undertake your water main installation and service pipe connections or provide service pipe connections to an already installed main i.e. By the local water company.

Rising Mains & Sewer Connections

Hydro using our fully trained staff and contractors will carry out rising main installations, whether it be sewer or storm water, working within the water authority’s guidelines, final connections can be applied for and undertaken.

Lead Replacement & Water Service Pipe Diversions

Hydro are a Severn Trent accredited company which enables us to carry out water leak detection and repair, water service pipe diversions, lead replacement, or install a new domestic supply for the number of properties still using a shared supply, thus increasing pressure and improved flow rates.

Gas Main & Service Pipe Installation

Working with our preferred contractors Hydro can offer gas main and service pipe installation, diversion works, new service pipe installations, whether it be domestic or commercial.

Fire & Sprinkler Mains

Working to design, Hydro can install underground Fire Mains, Sprinkler feeds, Fire Hydrant Mains or sprinkler storage tank feeds. Independent testing is carried out on all underground installations.

Temporary Site Cabin Supplies

Hydro carry out service supplies to site, clean water in and dirty water away, cable installation, site dust suppression and wheel wash supplies.